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War Of Tanks

War Of Tanks
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War of Tanks is one of the laggest game out there. They let any type of connection to play the game. Just look on youtube at the videos other people have posted. You will see there Ping from 200ms up to 900ms. I am in the room with a 32ms ping. Playing against peopel with 600ms.

There Tanks are 75% or so FAKE takes. Some tanks never seen battle, Some tanks never made it threw the assembly line, Some tanks never made it off paper. How can anybody know how a tank will work if it was never made. Nothing on paper ever worked the first time without being mod.  So game is just as fake as any other tank game, They make it seem like its a realistic tank game.

Match up. They random Pick a room for you and pick other players. They have Tier 1 tanks to Tier 10 tanks. Higher the number the better the tank. So when your  Tier 4 tank playing against a Tier 8 tank, You have no chance of doing anything but die. Then they say your a scout, so you run over to the other team and spot there tanks to show your team mates where they are, Then you die, Thats real fun ,makes me want to do it all day long.NOT.


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