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War on Terrorsim

"War on Terrorsim" mod is a total conversion mod for "Medal of Honor Allied Assault 1.11".
the mod presents the israeli-palestinian conflict in the last 3 years between Israel's IDF (Israel Defence Force) and between Arab terror organizations.
the mod will include new maps, weapons, skins and much more... To make you feel like you are in the destructive territories of the conflict.
In the mod you will take the role of a "Golani" soldier, and you will take part in prisoner rescue missions, sabotage missions, terrorists hunting missions and more...
You will meet many of IDF's soldiers from different units, such as "Givati", "Zanhanim" (Paratroopers), MATKAL recon and many more...
Stay tuned and visit the website often, as we promise to add new things as soon as possible!

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